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Patricia Lucas’s intriguing narrative is both well grounded historically and light on its feet, skipping adroitly between cultures and centuries, weaving a well-crafted tapestry of adventure and romance. A must-read for anyone interested in the rich human history of the Lake Superior region.

David C. Whyte, An Introduction to Michipicoten Island


The author has stepped from the life of a writer and into the skin of an archeologist. JOURNEY to MICHIPICOTEN is a journey into a place, into the history and culture of that place, and finally into the wildness of the human heart ... Read this book. It will change the way you view landscape: a map will become a deeper record of what it means to come to know a place and pack it in close.

Michael Delp, As if We Were Prey and The Last Good Water: Prose and Poetry, 1988-2003


Wild country and fascinating history: Patricia Kay Lucas's lengthy novel Journey to Michipicoten is a fascinating mix of a modern-day woman seeking self-sufficiency and historical analogues amidst the cultures of the Lake Superior region. In the tradition of Anne La Bastille's Woodswoman and Sigurd Olson's Runes of the North, Lucas deftly weaves the landscape into her narrative, making it an integral part of each century. By the end of the book, one feels the urge to canoe those same shores, attempting [oneself] to see the Superior country in a new light.

James P. Roberts, Darkling I Listen and for Many a Time... and Other Imaginations and Dancing with Poltergeists